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SAECO accessories

Philips SAECO products are practically reliable, but wearing parts should be replaced regularly. To guarantee an unforgettable taste experience, use only original accessories and spare parts for Philips SAECO coffee machines.

Ironing accessories

Ironed clothes mean a neat look, so it is worth making sure that our iron is reliable in every situation. Regular replacement of worn parts extends the life of your iron. Select original spare parts for your Philips iron.

Shaving accessories

The external appearance is important because when they see us, that's what they say about us. If you take care of it with Philips shavers, remember to regularly replace wearing parts and take care of additional accessories. You can buy original spare parts for Philips shavers, including OneBlade.

A few words about us

Ampol is an authorized online store with Philips spare parts and accessories for household appliances, body care and baby and mother care - Philips, Avent, Sonicare, Saeco. Many years of experience allows us to help our customers in the selection of spare parts for a specific model, and close cooperation with the manufacturer Philips guarantees the originality of all offered products.

We have a wide offer Philips spare parts for small household appliances, necessary during service repairs, and a wide range of consumables and accessories, such as filters and bags for vacuum cleaners, filters for humidifiers and air purifiers Philips, blender cups and blender knives, shaver blades and attachments, cleaning and maintenance products, SpeedPro electric and turbo brushes and much more.

What Philips spare parts do we have?

At Ampol, you will find almost every household appliance Philips spare part small household appliances From spare parts for vacuum cleaners, through spare parts for the Philips Saeco coffee machine, and ending with parts for hair clippers, shavers and epilators. Many years of cooperation with the Philips brand have contributed to our expert knowledge of Philips spare parts for small household appliances, therefore, in addition to products, you will find advice and support from experienced advisers. Check out a wide range Philips spare parts competitively priced and extend the life of your Philips appliance. Remember that regular replacement of worn parts will improve the performance of the appliance.

In our store with Philips spare parts you will find what you are looking for easily and quickly. All you have to do is enter the model of your device in our search engine and available spare parts and accessories will be shown. If you do not find what you are looking for, contact us and we will certainly help you.

Find all the necessary Philips household appliances spare parts and accessories.

Having Philips household appliances, we know that they sometimes require repair or replacement of damaged parts. In our online store, we want to convince everyone that they do not have to throw away the device just because one of the parts fails - virtually every thing can be repaired while enjoying the working device and at the same time contributing to reducing electro-waste in the environment and reducing the carbon footprint that we leave behind.

Repair your coffee machine, vacuum cleaner or iron - it's easy.

In the age of the Internet, we can easily enter the model number of the device and find the missing spare parts Philips home appliances. We have one of the largest databases of small spare parts available Philips Saeco household appliances, Sonicare and Avent, as well as spare parts from popular brands such as Philips Lumea, One Blade or SpeedPro. Find the filters, containers, couplings, brushes, lids and valves you need and many, many more genuine Philips spare parts.